Cobra Update 1-3-18… “Situation Update” (or, “It’s ON, baby!!)

Wooooo-hoooooo! Freedom highway destination not far up ahead!!! …more later -d13

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This is a BIG time update message from Cobra, and the first post since his soulmate, Isis Astara, transitioned. At the time it happened, I had a strong “sense” that she had been “taken out” in some way. Cobra confirms that, and reports that this attack on the “feminine Goddess presence” has triggered a new operation phase… “Termination Phase”.

One question is, “Will Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) be involved?”

“Isis Astara, my beloved soulmate, has left the physical plane. She was often brutally attacked with directed energy weapons and the attack on January 25th was one attack too many. We could not protect her, her heart could not make it. The Resistance could not intervene directly otherwise toplet bombs would be triggered. She has successfully transitioned through plasma plane and is now with her spiritual guides, surrounded by Love, joyful that she is finally free.

“This was a…

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Grand Solar Minimum – Mini-Ice Age 2020-2053

Bombogenesis? More like crockogenesis. Yes, things go in cycles, as demonstrated by fossil records. However, they just got done ripping us off for global warming and now all the models say cooling?

I call “Bullshit” on that scam. This storm is manmade, as is the prolonged cold spell. The same weapons they use to dry out Cali and then torch can be used in more than one way.

Don’t think they can? Then why are weather service employees forbidden to talk about the weather?

2018, The Year We Remember!

Here’s one I wrote a few years ago and have been saving for the right occasion. The Time Is Now!

These are the times the ancient ones told us about. If we all work together we can usher in the Golden Age, the New Renaissance, a bit faster. Any objections?

This song holds a dear place in my heart because it helped me find my voice. Many years ago I went off to college with the vague idea of being a writer. I liked too many things and had trouble settling on anything for a few years. Now, decades later and much water under the bridge, I still feel like I have something to say. Rather than just scribbling for myself, it’s time to share this with you.


We’re here to remember just how beautiful

The world that we live in was intended to be

We’re here to remember and to celebrate

How it feels for us all to be free

Can you imagine a world where everyone

Joined their hands together as one big family tree?

We’re changing the world now ‘cause we have the vision

That in each of us resides divinity

We’re tools of transformation if we choose to be

And we’re discarding what bound us to the past

The fears that had controlled us were illusory

And now that we found love, love is all that will last

We spent many lifetimes in preparation

For the liberation of humanity

The trials and tribulations we experienced

Were lessons in learning to live joyfully

We’re here to remember just how beautiful

The world that we live in was intended to be

Came back to help you remember and to celebrate

How it feels for us all to be free


Happy 2018 everyone! The best is yet to come!!!                    -d13

Building self-confidence with meditation — Kadampa Life

Wow! this is excellent, just what I needed, a synchronous solution. Thanks for sharing this!!!  -d13


7 mins read I got the chance over the holidays to house sit in the Rockies, taking care of 2 Dogs, 2 Cats, and an unspecified number of Fish. I took the time to do lots of meditation, in between animals jumping on me, that is, and hiking up snowy mountains. Never since I was […]

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Prepare to be INSPIRED

Most inspirational anything I’ve seen in a long time!


Published on Dec 21, 2017


Rick Rigsby delivers a powerful speech on how his father’s teachings guided him through the most troubling times of his life. Rick also wrote a book entitled: “Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout” Here’s the link:

Please share to inspire others. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Breaking: Forbes Blows the Lid Off Missing Trillions From US Treasury

Let’s follow the money!


$21 Trillion Missing From U.S. Treasury

By WantToKnow
Dec 08.17

“For fiscal year 2015 the Army failed to provide adequate support for $6.5 trillion in journal voucher adjustments. Given that the entire Army budget in fiscal year 2015 was $120 billion, unsupported adjustments were 54 times the level of spending authorized by Congress. “
~~  From Forbes magazine article posted Dec. 8, 2017

Dear friends,

Forbes magazine became the first major media to blow the lid off of $21 trillion that have gone missing from the US treasury. The entire article is copied below. To give an idea of how much money that is, if you divide the entire US population of around 325 million into $21 trillion, the amount missing is equivalent to $65,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country.

CBS News in 2002 was the first to report on the much smaller amount of $2.3 trillion…

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