It’s the Energy, Silly… or Why the Steelers Will Win Over the Patriots

I know I’m stepping out on a limb to say this, since the Pats have been anointed by the experts as team of the millennium or whatever, but somehow the Black and Gold will still be standing at the end of the day.

You must be going through gyrations conjuring up specific insults for what a moron I am. That’s okay.

Am I afraid that Antonio Brown’s recording antics(and here I am referring to his taping then releasing his coach’s talk to the team after the last game when he call the Pats a——s) will short circuit his team’s efforts by providing insurmountable bulletin board fodder? No, I am not afraid.

You see, its all about frequency. 2012. Age of Aquarius. Second Renaissance. You name it. It’s all about us growing aware of the oppression and suppression going on around us and deciding we’ve had enough. It’s about honoring and integrating the heart- joy and the divine feminine- with the mind- logic and the divine masculine.

The Steelers epitomize the joy of the game we played as kids. Who can watch Le’Veon Bell or Antonio Brown and not feel uplifted by not only their talent but by how they play the game?

The Pats, as illustrated by their 2 icons, Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady, personify a self righteous “us against the world” strategy whose time has passed. They feel they’ve been unfairly persecuted.

And the rest of the league says, “Really?” The Goodell tapes and Brady’s cell phone, the 2 key pieces of evidence that could have exonerated them, both disappeared. I recall a president doing in 1973 what Goodell did with the Spygate tapes. Why destroy them if “there was nothing on them?”

Tom’s cell phone could have told us why 11 of the 12 balls were deflated in that windy Deflategate game last year. If one were to choose the perfect number of balls to have that are fully inflated, it would be one. That’s the one you punt and kick for distance. The other 11 are good for passing since they don’t get caught as easily by the wind and sail off course.

So I put the odds of the Patriots winning at one in 12: 8% at most. The bookies have the Pats by 6.5 points. They should have talked to me first. I say the only way the Steelers lose is a total breakdown, and I just don’t see that happening.It’s the Joy Boys over Dour Power.
5:24 pm EDT