pleiadedolphininfos 2-10-17… “Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – February 7, 2017”

Spot on, KP, and thanks for sharing this one! The tidal wave of love and compassion sweeping the globe cannot be held back by a few psychopaths. Goddess energy is love, creation itself!!! Grab your surfboards, y’all, the wave of liberation and love is just starting!

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caroline_oceana_ryan_200_1This one kind “showed up” somewhere, and then I read parts of it and it rather “rose up” to be posted. Never heard of the “Caroline Oceana Ryan” before, but it is posted on Méline Lafont’s blogsite so somehow I felt an instant connect.

“…despite the tumult that is pouring out around you, the vast majority of you are seeing beyond the events that appear to be dividing whole populations, in a number of countries. Most Light Bearers are understanding quite well, using their awakening levels of intuition and inner sight, that this is not a time of division, though it may appear to be. It is in fact, a time of Unity…

Emblematic of this outpouring of the commands of the higher selves of millions, is the conscious awareness that the Divine Feminine is more apparent, more palpably present, and more fully expressed now on the Earth than…

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