Benjamin Fulford Special Report 6-26-17… “The Mouse that Roared or how the people of Bougainville defeated the Rothschilds”

Yes, people power victories over the parasitic bankers are becoming more frequent and significant as the New Renaissance rolls!

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Special report from Benjamin, about Bougainville. I note that he had earlier published this other Bougainville related article on his Typepad blog.

As with his regular weekly reports, I’ll publish what is public now, and follow up with the full report on Thursday.

Please note that at the time of posting, the article link goes to a blank web page.

“The Island of Bougainville in the South Pacific has been the scene of an epic decades-long struggle that resulted in locals, armed only with axes and bows, defeating troops armed with the latest world class weaponry. The battle pitched the natives fighting to retain their ancestral homes against a Rothschild multinational fighting to steal the worlds’ largest gold deposits at the Panguna mine.

“As a result of their victory the Nasioi people of Central Bougainville became the first indigenous peoples in the world to force a global mining multinational…

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