Documents To Print And Share!


I have prepared a list with links of information that will help prepare those around you for the coming changes. It has headlines that I feel were most pertinent and would have the most impact.

Please share with as many people as possible to ensure a smooth transition when The Event happens. Much love!


Information/Truth You Aren’t Being Taught Or Told

1,000 MPG Acheived In 1970s, Shell Covered This Up

Free Energy Discovered By Tesla In The 1900s, JP Morgan Chase Stopped Funding

No Driver’s License/Registration Is Required To Drive Per Multiple Supreme Court Rulings/Constitution

No Disease (Including Cancer) Can Survive In An Alkaline Environment (Use Baking Soda) 1931 Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg

The Federal Reserve Can Create Unlimited Money With No Oversight, Why Are We Paying Taxes To Them?

The Federal Reserve Isn’t Federal Nor A Reserve and Isn’t Part Of These…

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