The Feminine & Masculine Energy Imbalance & Human Suffering

Excellent post. I hope you all take a look at this brief but informative article. Thanks for sharing!

Deus Nexus | byPao Chang

Man (“male” or “female”) lives in a reality governed by the Law of Polarity. This type of reality is unique because it allows the manifestation of positive and negative experiences. These experiences are great for teaching the souls/spirits of men to transcend dynamic life lessons, so they can evolve into enlightened beings.

In order for you to know yourself at the deepest level of your being, you need to experience the expressions of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies, so you can grow spiritually and expand your consciousness, allowing you to “innerstand” good and evil.

The problem with humanity is that most of us have forgotten who we really are and lack the commitment of personal responsibility. Because of this, the divine feminine and divine masculine energies have become heavily unbalanced, causing “sickness” and destructive ideas to manifest in the energy fields of…

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