Free Thought Project 4-23-17… “Paradigm Shift: RFK Jr Goes Off on Vaccine Safety Live on TV, No One Attacks Him”

Brilliant! Yes, we ought to be able to have an honest debate without being labeled an idiot. We have to ask ourselves why vaccine makers enjoy blanket immunity from prosecution over their products. Who else gets that? Hint : Nobody.

Kauilapele's Blog

It does appear the paradigm has changed, at least on this Fox News interview. And people are beoming more and more aware of the dangers and NON-necessity of “having” to get vaccinated… with anything… for any reason whatsoever. All I will say is, stay in the Light, eat as much high vibration food as you can handle, and “Don’t forget to AVOID your flu shot!!”

Video is at the end.

“When Robert F. Kennedy Jr was a guest this week on Tucker Carlson’s show (FoxNews), he said it was only the second show he’d ever been allowed to discuss the topic of vaccination dangers. The reason why, he says, is because shows are paid billions per year by pharmaceutical companies in advertising dollars and they don’t want his message to be discussed.

“RFK Jr., like many others, is sounding the alarm with respect to childhood vaccinations. Many of the vaccines…

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