Jon Rappoport 4-17-17, 4-19-17… Two articles about the FDA, including, “Shut down the FDA, start over”

Good idea. Throw the bums out and start again!

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Of course, we all know that all governmental agencies are set up with integrity and lack of bias (yeah, right). The FDA is one of those that clearly has been compromised, due to its population by ex-pharma directors and employees. There’s no way to guarantee that so-called “medicinals” approved by the FDA are actually healthy, and have no side effects. And if the FDA does not approve of something, very often it’s something that costs a lot less and actually does work (example, MMS (Jim Humble), cannabidiol).

Title and highlights from each are below.

Here we go again: FDA Commissioner in pocket of Big Pharma (4-17-19)

“The excellent medical reporter, Martha Rosenberg, has written a piece at Salon: “The FDA Now Officially Belongs to Big Pharma.”… “It is hard to believe only four senators opposed the confirmation of [the new FDA Commissioner]… [he] received money from…

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