James Gilliland 3-28-17… “Self Mastery, Tools for Transcending the Ego and Healing Unseen Negative Influences”

Wow, spot on, and right when I needed it!!! Thanks so much to James and KP for this gem to help us find our way back to as well as stay on track!

Kauilapele's Blog

This article by James may be helpful to many who are struggling with this right now. Please go to the original.

Much of what occurs for me personally, is that I no longer try to “figure things out”, particularly using the “intellect only” mode. That worked in college and in grad school, but not for today. Today I generally say I “get” things… it’s not intellect, it’s not “feelings”, it’s even more expansive than “coming from the heart”… it is an instantaneous KNOWING. No explanation necessary, and no explanation given. If I “get” to be, do, go, I simply “get” it. And that’s it. Almost NEVER, do I ask, “Why?” I just be, do, or go.

“Masters often say the mind is a good servant, but a terrible master. In the past, the mind has taken many of us on a journey of unfulfillment and dead ends…

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