How Russia is assisting the Planet, 3 of 4… Jonas Alexis, VT 3-28-17… “Lavrov: New World Order Domination Is at Its Twilight”

Start about 8:45 and listen to this shill’s presumptuous questions to Putin. Point by point Putin rips him a new one!!!

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Another masterpiece by Jonas, by way of Sergei Lavrov. And I totally agree with the title of this one. The old ways of THE USA CORP dominating and overtaking other countries (including the Kingdom of Hawai’i) are finished. They cannot continue. And they are now falling… visibly, and sometimes, loudly!

Jonas includes another video in this one.

“[Lavrov] “Ironically, the American elite, which emerged as freedom fighters and separatists anxious to cast off the yoke of the British crown, had transformed itself and its state by the 20th century into a power thirsting for global imperialist domination. The world is changing, however, and – who knows – America might yet purify itself and return to its own forgotten sources.” Again, Lavrov’s assessment has been thoroughly documented by the scholarly literature.

“…Lavrov must know that the people who control foreign policy in America are the Neoconservatives… [which] is a Jewish political…

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