Four (4) articles that indicate “Major (positive) Stuff is happening” (4 of 4)… James Gilliland, ECETI 3-20-17… “Transdimensional War, White Hats, Underground Bases

This one resonates with me big time. It’s happening, folks. We’re here! Now to each do what we intended to do when we signed up for this mission.

This article should help:

The best is yet to come!!!

Kauilapele's Blog

Now for the finale of these four, the “farthest out there” one, from James Gilliland. This speaks for itself.

“The Republic was restored March 15th – the Globalists finally let USA Inc die – it was totally bankrupt. The G8 meetings keep getting sabotaged by globalist moles that want America to collapse and go into total chaos. They are being dealt with. The global currency reevaluation and the new currencies backed by gold have to come forward and they will.

“The white hats and generals who are honoring their oaths and maintaining their integrity are no longer playing games. Guns are being drawn. There is a grand house cleaning occurring between those loyal to the cabal: the Satanic, blood sacrificing pedophiles, and those who are loyal to God and Country.

“The law, including Universal Law, is on the side of the White Hats regardless of those misusing their position…

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