Jon Rappoport 3-18-17… “Trump is challenging the whole CIA-media nexus”

Thanks, Jon, for telling it like it is!!!

Kauilapele's Blog

Very “unveiling” article by Jon. Although most reading this are likely aware of some of this, I do believe there is much more exposure to come. And it also indicates what the Trump team is up against.

Found this at RMN.

“All along, Trump has been hammering the mainstream press, calling them biased, idiots, fake, etc… Trump knows about the CIA-major media connection. This connection, of course, goes way back to the Mockingbird CIA operation of the early 1950s. Major news outlets have been infested with CIA operatives since that time. When Trump goes after mainstream news, he’s also going after its shadow brother, the CIA; and vice versa. This is no accident. You can’t put a heavy dent in one without putting a heavy dent in the other.

“…the press is trying to protect its shadow brother, the CIA; and the reason a war between a president and…

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