Robert David Steele interviewed by “Two-Stones”… “Sacha Stone” and “Sean Stone”

Robert Steele has an unmistakable air of authenticity.

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The first video (with Sacha Stone) I thought was an excellent, well-edited video summary of the major points Robert David Steele has been making about the current situation in the US government. Short and very “to the point”. The second is via Victurus Libertas, and is an interview of RDS by Sean Stone.

Donald Trump vs the Whores of War

Published on Mar 13, 2017
Former CIA clandestine operations officer Robert David Steele talks to Sacha Stone

BREAKING – Robert David Steele On The Future Of President Trump – Obama Is Soros Puppet

Published on Mar 10, 2017 (from Victurus Libertas)
Robert Steele wanted me to share this recent RT interview with my viewers so here it is. Steele proclaims that Trump can be the greatest president of all time but he has a terrible staff, and that Obama is working for Soros to undermine…

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