Benjamin Fulford (URGENT) message 3-16-17… “The Japanese government is trying to murder me”

All blessings to you, Ben.

Kauilapele's Blog

This came out last night, and I was not completely surprised, I suppose, as many in the Light/Illuminator community appear to be undergoing some types of “interference”, whether it’s with physical bodies, energetic, or, as in this case, financial.

I just spoke with Benjamin (by telephone) and he confirmed that this was indeed him, and that he had indeed sent this to RMN for publication. He had a couple of ideas about how to help him and his situation, and he is sending me more information about that. I will pass it along to everyone once I receive it.

I cannot validate some of the information Ben posts below (particularly about Tillerson), but I’m quite convinced that there are indeed several in the Trump group who are working against him.

He did mention that we could call and send a message to the bureaucrat who carried this out (Rieko…

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