Victurus Libertas 3-5-17… “As Promised By Our DHS Insider – FBI ANON Resurfaces!”

OK, Trump, keep rolling while you have momentum! We definitely stand behind you in returning America to the people.

Kauilapele's Blog

victurus_libertas_header_4Felt this needed to go out right away. Would like to find out more about what this “FBI Anon” is (according to this post it is an “FBI insider”), but no matter what, what this discloses certainly lines up with what my “Higher Innards” indicate, that this is indeed what’s going on. There is a Clif High video entitled “Chaos Starts Middle of March”, so the “Spring Purge” and the “We are entering a time of political purge” statements may very well line up with that.

Recall also the last few posts which wrote about the Venus retrograde (from Jack, the horse, and the Crow) (oh, and don’t forget this morning’s Kp message), which also point to major changes this month.

Naturally, I suggest continuing to use that Higher Discernment which we all possess. Fascinating times we’re in! Also suggest sending Light and Love to all who…

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