Zen and the Secret to Happiness

Good couple for a smile and a chuckle!

Happiness is the greatest mystery of humankind since love. Everyone seems to have a different idea of what it means to be happy, and what you need in your life to truly feel it.

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NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Pedophile Ring At State Department

This is a game changer.Follow through for all of us, for this is the lifeblood of the innocents that nourishes these satanists.

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Flashback to June 11th, 2013 when NBC was reporting real news… 

Source: Your News Wire   | by   Baxter Dmitry

An NBC news report claims that Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, shut down an investigation into an elite pedophile ring in State Department ranks in order to avoid scandal and protect the careers of high ranking officials and an ambassador. 

The NBC investigation was broadcast at a time when they were a real news organization rather than a branch of the Democratic Party’s PR department, and provided internal State Department memos to back up claims of a massive Hillary Clinton elite pedophile ring cover-up.

Serious allegations concerning the State Department,” the NBC anchor announced, before launching into the disturbing details that mainstream media would be unable to report on in 2017.

According to internal State Department memos the agency might have called off or intervened into investigations into possibly illegal, inappropriate behavior within it’s…

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How Russia is assisting the Planet, 3 of 4… Jonas Alexis, VT 3-28-17… “Lavrov: New World Order Domination Is at Its Twilight”

Start about 8:45 and listen to this shill’s presumptuous questions to Putin. Point by point Putin rips him a new one!!!

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Another masterpiece by Jonas, by way of Sergei Lavrov. And I totally agree with the title of this one. The old ways of THE USA CORP dominating and overtaking other countries (including the Kingdom of Hawai’i) are finished. They cannot continue. And they are now falling… visibly, and sometimes, loudly!

Jonas includes another video in this one.

“[Lavrov] “Ironically, the American elite, which emerged as freedom fighters and separatists anxious to cast off the yoke of the British crown, had transformed itself and its state by the 20th century into a power thirsting for global imperialist domination. The world is changing, however, and – who knows – America might yet purify itself and return to its own forgotten sources.” Again, Lavrov’s assessment has been thoroughly documented by the scholarly literature.

“…Lavrov must know that the people who control foreign policy in America are the Neoconservatives… [which] is a Jewish political…

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Discerning the Mystery 3-25-17… “UPDATE – The Final Defeat of the Cabal, Tangible Evidence, Energetic Changes toward Planetary Breakthrough, Plus a Word on Discernment and Plausible Deniability”

good synopsis article!

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This is one that came across my FB page, I believe, and it seems to be putting several pieces together. I’ve yet to read this all in detail, but there is much information here which some may find useful. I’ve placed section header titles below, instead of the detailed highlights.

“…there are numerous sources which have reported some amazing developments in recent weeks on the acceleration of progress toward world liberation. Along with the discussion on these reports, we will cover a number of issues from past reports of Larrabee and Kent Dunn.”

[I’ve placed section header titles below]
“News from Cobra
“The James Gilliland Report
“Rain for Weary
“Discernment and Unfulfilled Predictions
“Plausible Deniability
“From Darkness to Light”


UPDATE – The Final Defeat of the Cabal, Tangible Evidence, Energetic Changes toward Planetary Breakthrough, Plus a Word on Discernment and Plausible Deniability

This update on world events is a…

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Stop Getting Distracted by Things That Have Nothing to Do With Your Goals – Unknown

Here’s a good one that’s on divine timing for me- time to quit fiddle farting around and stay on task!!! -d13

Stop Getting Distracted by Things That Have Nothing to Do With Your Goals – Unknown
Posted by: Lily Daub March 27, 2017

We set our sights and off we go to meet our goals. We focus on our destination, until the focus shifts to the odd noise coming from the motor, the bugs splattered on the windshield, and the static coming from the radio station. To shift our focus further, the gas light just came on to tell us it’s empty.
Our focus shift distracts us into attending to matters we have prioritized over the path toward our goal. That odd noise from the motor is the doubt we’ve allowed to creep into our head. It’s the people in our lives telling us we can’t do it. It’s the excuses we have started to makes as to why our goal is unattainable.
The bugs splattered on the windshield are the minor inconveniences we focus on and convince ourselves is blocking our view to the destination. It’s the rainy day without an umbrella or the missing the bus and foregoing waiting for the next one.
The static from the radio is the things we do on a daily basis that moves us no closer to our goal than yesterday. It is the unproductive habits. The sleeping in late, the habitual scrolling through social media, the watching too much television, the procrastination of what can be done today and telling ourselves “I’ll do that tomorrow.”
And with these distractions, comes wasted energy. Wasting so much energy, we sputter along to our goals on empty. Often times, breaking down in the middle of the road wondering where the time went. Fortunately, for many of us, it is during this breakdown we get out of the car and notice the motor is quiet, the radio static is off, and the bugs on the windshield no longer block our view.
It is then we realize, in the horizon, our goal is still there waiting for us. Distractions are loud, but our ambition will roar if we take the focus away from the things that beg for our attention but have nothing to do with our goals. So let’s get back in the car, turn the key, and focus shift.
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“Do the Earth a Favor, Don’t Hide Your Magic.” – Yung Pueblo

Don’t forget that we are all magicians!!!

A Monologue of the Heart.

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

We are magic. Don’t believe me? Notice the breath you are taking right now. Without direction, our lungs expand. Place your hand in the middle of your chest and feel the beating of your heart muscle, pumping life through your body. We are alive.

The magic of being alive allows us the opportunity to create, to feel, to follow our passions. It gives us each day to follow our bliss and to learn about the magic we all are.

The illusion, however, lives in how we see ourselves. As ordinary or as extraordinary. 

As a 

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RICHARD X – GAIAPORTAL : Forested arenas are cleared of invasives








1. Tree of Life has been replanted … branches removed … splicing techniques discarded … back to original blueprint … beautiful expressive majestic familial forests grow in freedom on Ki Sophia’s NEW EARTH … safe in The Great White Brotherhood star system … bubbles of light have been busy collecting the flowers of joyfulness … ALL is stored at the Great Mansion … eggs will hatch with the new golden sparks

2. Enlightenment is a destructive process … care has to be taken with the rod of fire … therefore vibrations are raised slowly for the form to balance and to recuperate within

3. Outer shells of parasitical thought forms that encase the constructs are cracking open … allowing the light of wisdom/love to enter in … dispersing the hiding hungry attachments that … lurketh in the dark

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