What does it take to change the pro-GMO narrative? How about ONE Cornell undergraduate student… 8-22-16, “Cornell Student Exposes GMO Propaganda in Scathing New Letter”

Home run! I gotta get over to gmowtf.com now before I miss something!

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gmo_wtf_robert_schooler_240_1 Robert Schooler, of GMOwtf.com

This article came from AltHealthWorks.com, and it really resonated with my own “WTF are we even considering using GMO anything” kind of Higher Innards!! Very worth the read. These people (they call themselves “students”, but really, it’s all of us, no matter what the “years on this planet” number) have waked up to the hazards of GMOs, and their associated (and “required”) pesticides.

In particular, this illustrates very clearly the “fake” education put forth at major universities about GMOs. Of course, much of their funding comes from such companies as Monsanto, Syngenta, TOGA-OSI (Take Our GMO Academics, Or Shove It) corporation, etc. Excellent illustration of the educational-corporate-industrial complex at work. But also of a solution to it. Which is, education from those who have stepped away from the educational-corporate-industrial complex.

The website they use is http://www.gmowtf.com, where donations are accepted.

“Cornell, as an institution…

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