2-18-17… “MSM Furious Over Continued Purging at the US State Dep’t”

Swamp draining time? Looks like it. And all the amphibians and reptiles don’t like it. Wah wah wah!

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department_of_state_sign_240_2This goes right along with the prior post. Seems to explain in more detail what some of the “problems” are with keeping the “old” of the US State Department and why the transition to the Trump administration seems so “horrible” to the MSM.

But during the past several years, many of us have “waked up” to the under the table foreign deals that have meant US secret involvement and funding of “foreign government overthrow” operations, like Ukraine (remember, Victoria “F— the EU” Nuland?), Syria, Libya, etc., etc., etc. In my view, it’s about time that this was brought to an end. And it does appear the the current administration is doing just that. We shall see.

“…the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson… through his lieutenants, the holdovers are advised to vacate the 7th floor as their services are no longer needed which, as expected, the opposition party disguising…

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