Seems like NO one wants George Soros anymore!! … Russia, China, Hungary, Macedonia, Canada… “Stop Operation Soros” (and, Holy Crap, the list seems to be growing every day!!!)

When you see “philanthropist” associated with someone or something, your George Orwell doublespeak sensor should be sounding off. He’s supposedly supporting liberal causes, but what his real aim is is causing chaos to weaken all sense of unity among us. He’s in with the globalists, and he’s playing the left side in the left-right dichotomy. Anything which causes weakness and bickering in society weakens it, making it easy to look for Big Brother for answers.

Calling a spade a spade: he’s a fascist like the rest of the would-be New World Order gang. Keep shining your light on these parasites!

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george_soros_headshot_dark_1 Image links to Jonas Alexis VT article

Well, George Soros seems to be “waking up” a lot of countries to his “charitable (?) funding” of what turn out to be “regime change machines”. And some have said he is behind some of the protests of at the post-inauguration march(es) (NY Times, Breitbart, LegalInsurrection). Anyway, I did a quick search for countries that have banned Soros and/or any of his foundations, and came up with quite a few.

So here’s about about 5 (well, exactly five) articles with a short summary of each country, and an overall one from Jonas Alexis of VT. Eventually, I would not doubt that Mr. Soros will be banned from the USA as well, and perhaps, the entire planet (May want to find your nearest wormhole, George).

Thanks to SC and CW for somehow messaging this WF article, which led…

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