Holy Crap!! UFOs fly by Trump’s Jet on 1-19-17 NY to DC flight…

Yep, fly by at 2:55, just follow his directions to slo-mo it at 0.25 speed.

Kauilapele's Blog

[Kp update: here’s the article that discusses this.] As I said, “Holy Crap!” Something flew by Trump’s plane. At about 2:54 in the video (at the end of article). Suggest play the video, click on lower right gear icon, set speed to 0.25, and watch at that locations.
There was another one at 1:50 (below), but to me this looked more like a boat on the ocean.


What does this mean? My ideas:

  1. These are indeed off planet alien vehicles.
  2. These are Secret Space Program vehicles, sent to protect the Trump.
  3. These are aliens sent to do a “Trump Hair Probe”.
  4. These are cabal craft sent to give a message to Trump, “Don’t you dare mess with our city-state (DC)!!!”
  5. These are secret “Trump hair stylist” craft.
  6. They are Obama drones that missed the plane.

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