Ron Head, Oracles and Healers 1-4-17… “Pay Attention – The Council”

I like this one today, too. It’s showtime, time for us to shine!

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ron_head_headshot_1Given the message I received and posted last night (well, early AM) (that “Energies Ramping Up” one), this one seems to align right along with it. It is a pleasure to read Ron again. I’ve not kept up with all of his adventures, but definitely this piece comes at the perfect moment.

I did absolutely nothing to find this (except read an email). Thanks to DH for sending the a link to this.

“In this year, you will need to pay attention as never before… We have, in the past, commented several times about your asking to ‘bring it on’. Friends, it is now about to be ‘brought on’. This year is going to be about change in such volumes that you will despair of ever being able to catch up. You will, of course. But a day of peace will be a treasure.

“There are now several…

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