Jon Rappoport 12-27-16… “Mainstream fake news: the devious limited hangout”

The truth hurts. …if you have been hiding from it! Thanks for another blockbuster from Jon Rappaport.

Kauilapele's Blog

jon_rappoport_headshot_150_3Found this a fascinating story. And apparently typical of the manner in which THE USA CORP has been conducting “cabal type” business for the last several decades.

Thanks to RMN for posting this one.

“…I want to comment on one of the most devious forms of MSM fake news: the limited hangout. When necessary, news outlets will do a PARTIAL EXPOSURE of a hidden crime. The assumption is, once the story is published and broadcast, everyone will shake their heads and say, “That’s terrible,” and move on. The whole thing will be forgotten in a matter of days, as if the whole truth has been revealed. Limited hangout… a limited hangout means: “We won’t do any further digging. We’ll shut down further investigation.”

“…from the Washington Post (9/4/13, “When the US looked the other way on chemical weapons”): “…The administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush authorized the sale…

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