Jon Rappoport 12-27-16… “Mainstream fake news: the devious limited hangout”

The truth hurts. …if you have been hiding from it! Thanks for another blockbuster from Jon Rappaport.

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jon_rappoport_headshot_150_3Found this a fascinating story. And apparently typical of the manner in which THE USA CORP has been conducting “cabal type” business for the last several decades.

Thanks to RMN for posting this one.

“…I want to comment on one of the most devious forms of MSM fake news: the limited hangout. When necessary, news outlets will do a PARTIAL EXPOSURE of a hidden crime. The assumption is, once the story is published and broadcast, everyone will shake their heads and say, “That’s terrible,” and move on. The whole thing will be forgotten in a matter of days, as if the whole truth has been revealed. Limited hangout… a limited hangout means: “We won’t do any further digging. We’ll shut down further investigation.”

“…from the Washington Post (9/4/13, “When the US looked the other way on chemical weapons”): “…The administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush authorized the sale…

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James Gilliland “Buckle Your Spiritual Seat Belts… another major energy wave on its way peaking 12.28”

I have never used this particular clearing technique but I’m going to. This one looks even better!

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james_gilliland_with_eceti_logo_240_5This one came out today. It looks like this energy wave is increasing and increasing. So I felt this latest James could be helpful to many.

“We’ve been receiving emails and texts from lots of you in the ECETI Community are noticing people around them are “losing it” a little. And those of us that are on our journey may be experiencing body pain, nausea, the collective grief and exhaustion…and then the hits of BLISS!… there’s more to come!

“Blaji – the 7th Dimensional Master Teacher communicating from 2 million years in the future – shared with James that on December 28th there will be another peak of this powerful transformative energy wave. So, fasten your spiritual seat belts, take care of yourselves and hold space for those around you who are not yet awake…”


Buckle Your Spiritual Seat Belts… another major energy wave on its way peaking 12.28

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Robert Steele, State of the Nation 12-24-16… “Former CIA Spy Has A Surprising Christmas Message For Trump”

4-5 months ago I wouldn’t have seen myself being receptive to this to the degree I am now. Let’s go for it!

This article by Robert Steele is one of the most visionary and practical outlines of possibilities for the incoming Trump administration I have ever seen. It also encourages a Unity, a Unification,…

Source: Robert Steele, State of the Nation 12-24-16… “Former CIA Spy Has A Surprising Christmas Message For Trump”

Message from Tolec 12-24-16… “Galactic, Torsion, Energy Ascension Wave… Its Meaning for Humanity & Implications”

This, and the previous post, is so beautiful. We are so fortunate to be alive now!!!

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tolec_andromeda_council_tolec_video_240_1As with the recent Sandra Walter (and PCR) post, this message from Tolec is very important, I feel, in helping to recognize why we are here… and what we are going through right now.

“…this galactic, torsion, energy, “ascension” wave that our solar system, including our planet, has entered into IS the major reason for the continuance of the raising of consciousness, vibration and frequency of most beings on this planet, and other planets of other dimensional levels, in this area of space… Keep in mind the actual moment of change to 4D life … it will be instantaneous.

“…this journey to 4D, from an emotional perspective, is a journey inward toward the complete expression of love… love of self and love for each other. During the course of this evolution remember to forgive… forgive yourself & forgive others on the way to… opening your heart… transitioning…

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“The Plan” According to One Who Believes

Here’s our greatest Christmas gift ever! Thanks to Molly at BP and Mike Quinsey for sharing. ‘Tis getting better all the time and the best is yet to come!

“The Plan” According to One Who Believes

Just sharing… for what it’s worth. There are a lot of ideas out there about what is underway, what will happen, when, and what to expect.

They make a valid point in this message. A lot of people believe they “know” a lot of things. But how do we “know” anything? I think it’s best to wait and see rather than get too invested in what we “know” is going to happen, or how, or who it involves.

We don’t know what we don’t know. It’s a lot easier to just be okay with whatever happens because we know we are in good hands.

Thanks to Nancy, and Mike Quinsey for sending this out to us tonight. ~ BP

Happy Christmas and New Year, from Mike and Nancy

Mike Quinsey Sent This to Me,

I, Nancy Agree to Send it To All Of You on Both Lists

Hi Friends,

I rarely send out messages other than my own unless I believe it is genuine, and I feel it is vital to get this information out to as many people as possible. As I can totally resonate with it I have no hesitation in forwarding it on to you.
In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

“Here Is The EXACT Plan”
One Who Believes – 12.20.16

There seems to be so much worry about who will be President or not, when the CGR will happen, who are the Good Guys and who are not, etc. However, with all that being said, I know the EXACT Plan, and I am going to detail it for you in this post. But, before I reveal the EXACT Plan, I want to cover some important points.

The Players and their Places

First thing to know is the “Players” in this epic transformation of our World, and the Universe. This would be a good time to note that not only are the Dark Forces “Turning To The Light” here on Earth, but, it is also happening throughout the rest of the Universe as well. Since this is a change of the entire Universe, then the players are more Universal in nature.

At the Highest Level of the Game or plan, it is a bringing of all the Universe into one “Accord,” one vibration in unity, in the frequency of Love. Since all the Universe is one, the seeming fight is one against self. It is just an “Alignment” bringing all of self, into congruency of the whole. Thus the Uni-Verse which translates to the One-Verse.

However, at a lower level it looks like a battle or fight between the Light and the Dark. But you have to realize that the Light does not hate, or harm, or destroy, it only Loves and overcomes and encourages that which vibrates less than Love, to come up to love.

If this were a true fight against a “Separate” enemy, they would have been wiped out and vaporized where they stand, no questions asked. But it is not that easy to fight yourself without harming the whole. Thus the dark side has been given opportunity after opportunity again and again to give up and turn to the light. During this time many have come over to the light, which is a huge success. If you were to use a medical example it would be like saving the leg from having to be cut off. For every soul who returned to the light, a part of the whole was healed of its misalignment.

However, there are still parts that are so far out of alignment with the Light, that they are finally being cut off (Killed) as they are unable to be saved. In the big picture it hurts the whole, but in the end saves the rest from further harm.

In Summation, the transformation is about saving (Curing) as many souls as possible before killing (Amputation) is required. We are now in the final stages where all who could be saved were, and the rest must be cut away (Killed Off), to save us.

The Place of No Time

Time is a creation of experience. I have read in many places that time is like a page in a book. If you turn to that page, (Focus There) then you are experiencing that time and all it entails. However, if you realize that is how time is, then you realize that there is an outcome from this page, already “Written” on the next page. At the place where time no longer exists, this matter is long over. The World is a paradise and being Human on Earth is the most beautiful experience to be had.

Your Life Was Your Choice

You chose to be here on Earth at this time in history to user in the change we are now seeing. If you think about it, this time for us now, IS, the most exciting time in the History of Earth. Before now, the lifetime experience for a person would be: Get Born, live a rough life of fear and lack, then die of war, disease, or feeble old age. I am sure we have all lived that experience many times.

Now, before I talk about our experience in this NOW time in history, let me brief you on the future experience on Earth. You get born, are loved and nurtured, have a great life of doing what you want being loved by all as you are expressing love to all, live a long time, may be 1000 years or more, then finally at some point transition out of the Human experience. Yes, I know that sounds great and it is. However these two life experiences have one thing in common, they are “Ordinary” experiences from beginning to end. One an ordinary stressed life experience and the other an ordinary great life experience.

This Life, Right Now, Was Your Choice

This is the most exciting time to ever be alive on Planet Earth. This is the acceleration phase. The part where we go from lack and pain, to abundance and peace so fast that you can hardly keep up. Not only do we get to see and witness this great change in the World, and the Universe, but you are one of the main participants in the game!!!!! Before you got here you said “Put Me In Coach!!!!, I want to play in this game!!!!”

You will go from traveling around your town, to traveling around the Solar System, and into Hollow Earth. You will have hover cars that get from one place to the other at thousands of miles an hour, if you are taking it slow. You will have a Star Trek replicators that manifests whatever you ask for. You will go from unhealthy to perfect health in a 20 year old body that will last for a thousand years. You will be living in the time in which you helped the World turn to the light, and get back on its feet, and then usher in the new age of space travel and meeting others from all over the Universe. It is easy to see this is going to get very exciting!!!! It is an exciting time of transformation, the great change, and you are right smack dab in the middle of it.

Here Is The EXACT Plan:

O.K. all that being said here is the exact plan so that you know what is going to be happening. I am going to lay it out in a certain order, even though many things are happening at the same time at various stages:

#1) Convert as many of the Dark Souls to the Light as possible and then, instruct the rest to Exit (Die) in a way of their own choosing.

#2) Supply the World with an abundance of Money so that the people of the surface population of Earth may participate in helping themselves, and at the same time healing the Earth as well.

#3) Change out corrupt governments with a new governmental structures more in line with the principals of the light and love.

#4) Offer healing assistance to the surface population to heal every disease and regrow every limb until all have been returned to perfect health.

#5) Leverage this new planetary wealth coupled with the new benevolent governments to raise the consciousness of the planet up to the 5d level.

(Over Time)

#6) Improve technology and Human experience to the point where money becomes so unimportant that it no longer plays a part in life on Earth.

(Much Later)

#7) Remove everyone from the Planet (The “Gathering”) so that she can expand in size by 1/3. After Earth goes through her growth spurt, and it is safe to live there again, we will be allowed to return to live in the Hollow Earth area or we can choose to move to another planet, in another Solar system or Galaxy.

(Much Later)

#8) All Earth souls who have gone through this amazing growing experience living on Earth, will be dispersed through the Universe as teachers, and mentors. We have learned compassion as we were oppressed, and learned love in spite of all that we endured, and finally, we all raised up to the higher frequency by our own choice. Only those who have experienced what we have experienced here on Earth, can teach what we have learned in the process. There is a HUGE difference between knowing and experiencing. We have experienced it all.

Your View Point

If you are the public at large, you don’t even know that anything is going on. However at our point of view, we know that there is a big change coming. We are to have huge amounts of money and go forth and help the World. We are to have a new Restored Republic that will act as the model for other governments around the World. It is so easy to think that we know so much when compared to the sleeping public. However, as much as we think we know, we really don’t know squat about what is really going on, and what the real game moves are.

Do you really think you know everything there is to know about Trump or Ryan? Where did you learn what you think you know? Cabal School, or was it from the Cabal Media? Or was it from some hip “alt right” information source on the Web? Do you really think that you know enough from these sources to determine what the best choice is or is not? I’ve got news for you…. No matter what you know, or think you know, you don’t know everything that you need to know to decide the matter.

Maybe they were Cabal…. So what… People change and go the right way. Maybe they will or won’t be President…. Again it doesn’t matter. All that matters, is that whomever becomes President in the end, will be the most qualified, and most capable person, and the very best choice to take us through this World Change. THAT IS A GIVEN. Frankly, I can guarantee you, that if you knew everything about this that you would need to know, you would make the same choice for the same reasons. Suffice to say, that the best person, the right person, will be the one who gets the job, and they will do exactly what needs to be done, for the best outcome. THAT IS A GIVEN.

Your/Our Perfect Logic

How can logic go wrong? Easy! We think that we are so logical and are so well equipped to decide a point one way or the other. But, ironically, Logic has one huge flaw, You have to know all the facts before you can logically decide anything. You can’t debate the logic of our Bases on Mars, if you don’t know we have a secret space program. You can’t talk about the gravity of Earth, and the nature of its design, if you think that it is solid with a molten core. Science and Physics? Forget about it. You don’t even have a chance because the real science is so far advanced beyond what you were permitted to know.

Do you think that you have a better chance in debating politics? No matter how much you think you know, unless you are blood line, you don’t know a thing. Just to show you how clueless we really are, consider a recent post about the secret space program. It turns out that we have several secret space programs and each of them has no idea about the others. Even the people who think they have the highest secret clearances and are in what they think is the most secret program there is, are dumbfounded to find out there are even more secret things they don’t know. So I don’t care how logical you are, and how much your arguments make sense, they are instantly flawed due to lack of information that you don’t have or have wrong.

So, Who Will It Be?

We can guess all we want about who will be president of some other matters as a sort of game to see who is right. BUT, there is NOTHING to be upset about, because the EXACT right person will get the job, FOR VERY GOOD REASONS, which you may or may not ever know. So guess all you want. Post daily if you like. BUT, don’t get mad about it one way or the other. It works out in the end, just as it needs to be, just as it should be, just as it will be. Whoever it ends up being, and how ever that process happens, it will be the best choice made by the people who know EVERYTHING there is to know on the matter. No more and no less.

It Is Like A Chess Game

The Turning of the Dark into the light is just one strategic move after another. No matter what moves the Dark make, there is a counter move of love beckoning them to turn to the light. However, here is a spoiler alert, the Light winds in the end. All darkness is turned to the light. Some pieces on the chess board change from dark to the light and now assist, and others must be removed from the game altogether. But no matter the moves by the dark, the light wins.

Sometimes we get caught up in the “Game Play” as it is still in progress. We think that Hillary will not debate Trump, but she does instead. Then we think that Obama will resign and the Republic be announced before the election even takes place, but again the game went in a different direction. That is the nature of the game. From the moment the game began, the end was already certain, but between the start and the end it is so fluid and exciting to say the least.

Some said that there was no way that the election would be cancelled by an Obama Resignation. They were right. But was it because that was the plan all along, or were they right because that is how the game happened to go? We may never know. However, there will be lots of people who were right about one thing or another and wrong about others because the game is fluid and changing all the time. However, we know all we need to know and that is “It works out in the end, just as planned.”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that debating who will be president or any aspect of this whole plan is an exercise in futility. Even if you are exactly right, it most likely has already changed due to some new situation. To be clear, it is fun to try to figure it all out, while we are waiting, but it is nothing to fight about, since we don’t actually know anyway.

All you have to know about the plan is that it works out perfectly in the end. In the place where time no longer exists, it has already happened perfectly. Whomever is president, is perfect for reasons you may never know. Don’t worry about that because it is already handled by those who do know everything that needs to be known on the matter. What is to happen has already been written in history and is just now playing out before our eyes.

Your part is also already written, but yet to play out and unfold into reality. You get lots of money, and in some way contribute to Humanity and the Earth. That we know. However, your part is also fluid and can go in many different directions from here. It is written that it has happened magnificently in the end, but exactly how, is yet to be seen or experienced by you. That is your part now. Don’t be upset about the parts of the game that are not your parts to play. Instead, concentrate on your part of the World Change, your moves, your game play.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes
Terra Zetzz at 8:42:00 PM

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The December Solstice marks the special time we are in

Thanks to Richard Presser for doing some excellent research for this one, not to mention his heartfelt sentiments. Yep, we’re in the Age of Aquarius. The best is yet to come!

The December Solstice marks the special time we are in
December 20, 2016 Richard Presser Uncategorized No comments
Although it is well hidden from the public’s awareness, we live in a special time in the history of our planet, when the sun sits in the dark rift of the Milky Way galaxy when viewed from Earth, effectively in alignment with Galactic Centre, as shown in the image below captured a few hours ago from the Star Walk application on my iPhone. This alignment lasts a couple of days in any given year and is located there at the December solstice for a period of 30-40 years, and occurs every 26,000 years (25,980 if you want get picky).

So what, you might ask?

Well, for whatever reason, our ancestors thought it was significant.

Firstly, they were pointing at the cycle known as the Precession of the Equinoxes, which sees the constellation that rises about an hour before dawn (heliacal rising) at the March Equinox, to be significant for humanity. Currently it is Pisces and is becoming Aquarius (hence we are entering “The Age of Aquarius” as shared with the world by the Fifth Dimension band all those years ago). According to the extraordinarily detailed 700-page “essay” called Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge And Its Transmission Through Myth by de Santillana and von Dechend, the overwhelming theme of ancient myth and legend, before the written word, was about the Precession of the Equinoxes and its impact upon human consciousness.

Secondly, as Graham Hancock shows in his seminal work of 20 years ago, Fingerprints of the Gods and elsewhere, many of the ancient temple and other sites across the world carry precessional numbers all over them (it takes 72 years for this cycle to progress by one degree and the key precessional numbers are 72, 144 (2 x 72), 108 (1.5 x 72), 54, etc.).

Thirdly, although most of us are aware of the ending of the Long Count Mayan Calendar on December 21st, 2012, few of us are aware that it was pointing to this current alignment. This becomes far more obvious when you look more closely at the overall Mayan cosmology, as shared with us primarily through the writings of John Major Jenkins in, for example, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date. Jenkins also elucidates that this message is carried in traditions beyond those of the Maya.

And finally we have this extraordinary stela from Gobekli Tepe that Graham Hancock elucidates in Magicians of the Gods, shown below.

If you translate the images they used to represent the surrounding constellations, what you see displayed here is a map showing the time we are now in. Except this stela was intentionally buried, along with the rest of this extraordinary site at least 11,500 years ago, when mainstream archaeology would have humanity in caves… Clearly we were not.

And, so the burning question is; WHY? Why did they all see the time in which we live as being so important? Many have speculated but no-one knows for sure.

In my opinion, we live in a special time on the planet when humanity will be released from the grip of those dark forces that have controlled humanity since “The Fall” in Atlantis at the time of the last such galactic alignment, except at the June solstice, some 13,000 years ago. And OUR time, this 30-40 year window we are now in, will see us released from this grip.

May it be so. It is what I live for.

Happy Solstice.


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