Why the Satanist Pedophiles Perform Ritual Blood Sacrifices; David Icke [video]

“You’re not ready for the truth!”

Oh yes, we are. We may not know it yet, but we are. Some righteous indignation directed at the right people will be much more beneficial to society- and the victims of these horrendous acts- than the left/right, straight/gay, etc dynamic ever yields. Divide and conquer is one of the primary tenets of our controllers.

Question everything, and weigh carefully any impulse to direct violence toward anyone. The Divine Masculine dictates that we defend those who cannot protect themselves. Like everything else, this has been distorted in the media to blowing stuff up, or terrorizing the weak or disadvantaged. Anyone with a heart knows we need to protect our children. We can agree on this, so let’s keep the light on this till we get a full investigation. The unpleasantness of the topic can no longer be a reason to avoid it, thus allowing it to continue by default.

The world owes David Icke a huge favor for having the guts to bring this to the light. Only there will the perps be identified and stopped. The fact that this info is even seeing the light of day signifies the huge gains we’ve made in the struggle for liberation.

It’s time for us to stand up and be strong NOW. The children of the world are depending on us.Thanks to BP for sharing. -d13

Why the Satanist Pedophiles Perform Ritual Blood Sacrifices; David Icke

This sick, perverted, malevolent practice revealed by WikiLeaks that the shadow government engages in isn’t just for fun; the “spirit cooking” conjures up their demons and feeds them.

Children are their meal of choice.

Unfortunately, because most decent folk find it too difficult to believe, the preying on Humanity persists. And it happens globally—not just in America. It’s been exposed in Britain, Australia, Holland, and other places. Wherever the “elite” congregate, their favourite delicacy will be provided. ~ BP

Published on Nov 4, 2016
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Spirit Cooking? Politics & Satanic Rituals – David Icke

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