Jocelyn Daher, Humans Are Free 10-20-16… “The World is Not Falling Apart — The Veil of World-Wide Corruption is Lifting”

The Shift is hitting the fan, y’all! Porcupine says, “Protect your inner child. Playful innocence rules the day!”

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humans_are_free_161020_postingSaw this last month, and felt it was time to post. Very illuminative.

“I have been on fire these past couple of months with everything happening around the world. The old world most of us have grown up in, that we found familiar, appears to be going up in flames. As I watch this blatant inferno, my mind immediately starts to label it as a crumbling wasteland of utter chaos.

“…we have been in the midst of a dark agenda playing out for hundreds of years causing the deterioration of humanity in the form of our inherent human consciousness as well as our beloved Earthly environment… we may have moved away from visibly decapitating people for speaking their truth but we are still very much in the infancy as a mass “civilization” waking up out of solely the physical planes into the higher uses of consciousness.

“With each bomb that…

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