Veterans Organizing “Like a Military Unit” to Defend DAPL Protesters from Militarized Police

YES!!!! DAPL is a line in the sand. Our oppressors will be relentless in pursuing their agenda…until they fail! People united for a just cause are unstoppable.

Anti-Propaganda News


We couldn’t wait for dramatic change, evidence of the shift, and the take-down of the cabal. Now it’s here, and while it may not be what we expected, it IS historic, and there’s no denying Humanity is standing up for their rights, across the globe.

The most notable aspect of the protest at Standing Rock is that the People are completely unarmed, yet still the establishment abuse them and try to crush their efforts in the most brutal ways.

We may not be in a position to join a militia, but we CAN send food, or donate so others can send food and supplies, (see the links below) and we can also share this story.

A friend at work was unaware of the Standing Rock battle until I told her, and the mainstream media twists the story so helping people understand the real situation is important.

We can send our…

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