Carl Boudreau Astrology 11-21-16… “December 2016 – Only the Pure of Heart”

Carl’s astrology readings are legendary and so very instructive if you’ve been trying to figure wtf has been going on and why. The stars and planets spell it out under his penetrating analysis. Enjoy!

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carl_boudreau_fb_header_b_2Sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) I feel drawn to an “astrological analysis”. And more often than not, I’m led to Carl Boudreau. He used to have a website, but now posts only on FB. Anyway, this month’s hit me, and I’m posting the text in its entirety. However, I strongly recommend people go to this FB page since it is formatted more readable.

The messages here for myself were primarily seeing how these astrological bits corresponded to what was occurring on the planet, at the times denoted. I will point out a few of the headers that caught my eye, particularly in regard to what he calls, “The Breakup of the Oligarchic Alignment”. I’m only going up through the first point of the December report. After that, I suggest reading what you are drawn to in his article.

The Great Testing, November 2008 ~ Pluto enters Capricorn……

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