Alexandra Meadors 11-18-16… “Prime Creator: HUGE MASSIVE VICTORY FOR HUMANITY – November 18, 2016”

MUST READ: Alexandra’s message’s are uplifting and inspiring. If you find yourself saying wtf? then also consider the reverse: what if what she’s saying is true? Her messages are resonating very strongly with me. If these all sound like alien concepts to you, you owe yourself the favor of finding the reason why that is so. Why aren’t we all conversant in these things in a free will universe?

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[Kp note: Alexandra’s message comes in at about 2:45. I’m not sure exactly how these messages are coming in to her, but I feel many will resonate with this one.]

Prime Creator: HUGE MASSIVE VICTORY FOR HUMANITY – November 18, 2016

To Alexandra
Here are some of the undertakings that have been completed for Humanity:
1) There were some Dark Satellites which are referred to as Black Knight Satellites. These have all been dismantled so they are now inoperable along with an additional 7 unknown other satellites which were not fully activated.
2) These devices were used as a delivery system to the black box attached to the left side of head on the outside. This gave them full access to the mind, body, and soul through manipulation, mind control and a whole array of things that would be done to you without consent.
3) Next there was…

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