SitsShow 11-17-16… “Psychic Kim Russo on Election, Get Ready for Plot Twist “Between the Election and the New Year” — And Comments by Justin”

This is an excellent article: and not just Kim Russo’s observations about change but the commentary about people being like addicts that must let go of their addiction… to the toxic belief system we’ve all been snookered into.
GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD? yes, but it’s HELLO LOVE AND TOGETHERNESS to a degree you’ve never imagined possible!

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sitsshow_header_240_8This struck as a particularly insightful posting, prior to the (in)famous 11-8-16 election. I’ve never heard of Kim Russo before, and do not usually post any “psychic type” readings or things like that, but what she (and Justin) say here is very much what I felt both before and after that election night. See how it all strikes you.

I will note here that her FB post is dated 11-1-16, not 11-5-16.

[Justin] “…I can’t confirm it objectively, but I will say that I intuitively feel like something big shifted behind the scenes on election night, and we’re now starting to see things from that shift rise to the surface. I did observe that Clinton and the media seemed to be surprised by Trump’s win and that the whole event appears to have catalyzed the sleeping masses to a boiling point.

“…using the analogy of addiction, a dark night…

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