2 Police Officers Turn In Badges In Support Of Standing Rock Water Protectors — Cosmic Initiation: Light from Darkness

Beautiful! This is what it’s all about, being an agent of change for the light. Thanks for the booster rockets, Doreen!


Cosmic Initiation – Hearts Are Opening

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Cosmic Initiation is the idea that everything that happens in life is part of a process of offering a chance to grow and evolve. While inviting calamity is obviously not desirable, when hardship, oppression, and suffering exist, it provides an opportunity for those on the fence to realize a potential hidden away within. If there was no pain, then no one could experience the joy acting as the healer and helper of others. But through hardship, the opportunity to remember we are ultimately all brothers and sisters in life can take hold.

The Dakota pipeline protest is providing a venue for the darkness of this world to come to the surface.

The things that the oil companies are doing, and have done, is deplorable. The average person is largely ignorant of these crimes against humanity and our…

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