Futurist Trendcast 10-29-16… “Dying Western Neo-Liberalism and EU Revolt against Russian Sanctions” (and against the US)

Lada Ray nails it! Don’t believe me, just ask her! lol

Kauilapele's Blog

lada_ray_photo_a_54Lada Ray has also posted the Valdai videos in this FT post, and has added some of her own remarks about it in this post.

She points out the many signs of “revolt against the US” occurring in the EU states, and how many countries refuse to “play along” with the old paradigm.

“The former president of Finland, Tarja Halonen… remarked that the bells of Finland toll for the killed children of Aleppo. Putin’s response: sorry they toll only for Aleppo; what about the killed children of Mosul… the hypocrisy of the Western, blindly double standard, neo-liberal mentality is clearly visible in this example – one of very many. The amazing thing is that Tarja Halonen seriously thinks that she’s saying the right and honorable thing, while the double standards and the blinders on her eyes are glaringly obvious to anyone who has eyes.

“As to the Tarja Halonen…

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