Katherine Frisk VT 10-15-16… “75% Truth – 25% Lies And Going Down With My Boots On” (or, “Shoulder to shoulder with Vlad”)

Spot on!

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veterans_today_banner_new_310This article may very well serve as an inspiration to all of us who are continuing to “spread the word” around the planet. It illustrates why many are recognizing “the Russia” and “the Putin” (and company) as representing the Light for this planet. And why many are standing up for Russia as well.

I appreciate her story of how she “awakened” over the past few years (just like many of us, I’m sure) and is now understanding that Putin is playing the very important planetary role of being “the only adult in the room.”

“Only in America can people be this crazy. Things that are taken for granted now. Drones to bomb you; geo-engineering to flood you out; GMO to poison you; cell phones and the Internet to spy on you; vaccines designed to kill you; Common Core to dumb you down. But… I did not really understand how crazy.

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