Jonas Alexis VT 10-15-16… “Russian FM Zakharova to NWO agent Boris Johnson: Stop your false accusation against Russia”

More fairy tales from NWO losers in Syria. They can’t stand it that they can’t get WILL started.

Kauilapele's Blog

veterans_today_jonas_alexis_banner_23Another apocalypsing article by Jonas Alexis, this time regarding the Boris (Johnson, that is).

“There is no doubt that Johnson is also a New World Order agent who has a penchant for things diabolical. That’s why he has carefully chosen to say that if Russia continues to support Assad, then the country needs to be “turned to ashes.” If you don’t believe this, then pick up his book on Churchill and start reading it. He writes that Churchill had a “deep humanity and sympathy for other people,”[2] but he never tells his readers how Churchill bragged about liquidating millions of ethnic German civilians to death.

“…Boris has been intellectually wounded by Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, a courageous woman who has caused political damage in the New World Order… Zakharova has been making the same point that we have been trying to raise over and over: if you are…

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