FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-3-16… “Document dump shows Federal Reserve Board based on outright fraud”

Audit the Fed NOW. Jail the perps. Go back to gold and silver backed currency.

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benjamin_fulford_in_canoe_116Full weekly report from Ben. More fascinating news. I’ve “cleaned up” the original posting and added in all of the images, as well as a lot more highlights. So have fun reading this one!

“Documents leaked by US government personnel reveal in detail how the owners of Federal Reserve Board created the 2008 Lehman crisis as a way to steal vast sums from the people of the planet.

“…23 trillion dollars… magically created were used by the owners of the Federal Reserve Board to buy on the cheap assets around the world whose value had crashed because of the engineered Lehman shock crash, the sources say.

“Various documents related to this fraud, including copies of the SWIFT transaction documents, can be seen below in the subscription portion of this blog and will be made available free of charge to the general public on Thursday, October 6th.

“As this document release…

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