Allen Roland VT 9-26-16… “World Peace Message From Keeper Of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe”

What a beautiful calf, a message from our ancestors that our prayers have been heard!

As for boycotting and divesting from Israel: An idea whose time has come. Overdue really. Israel sucks billions of US dollars from us but has infiltrated our government. Witness the 60 or so dual citizens in Congress, or the analysis of the mini-nukes used in the twin towers’ controlled demolition on 911: veterans has traced all this crap back to Israel. Time to call a spade a spade.

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veterans_today_allen_roland_banner_4This is a very significant article by Allan Roland. And I feel is worth reading until the end. At the very least, watch the two videos included in this one. We are at that time… when all of the four races of this planet are indeed coming together and standing up for the planet.

And as a reminder, although often the Native American challenges are mentioned along with the Palestinian situation, as in this article, invariably they seem to forget to mention that the “Native Hawaiians” went through the same type of struggle, and attempts to eliminate not only them, but their pristine lands and waters and oceans have been ongoing ever since “civilized” Westerners first arrived. And continues today.

“Chief Arvol Looking Horse, of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations, asks us to understand an Indigenous perspective on what has happened to America but also offers a very important…

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