James Gilliland Update (9-24-16): “We Are In The Last Days of The Tyrants”

Not much James Gilliland says doesn’t resonate with me. He talks of puppets without masters failing and we only have to recall the headbobbing Hillary video for confirmation. We have the unpleasant, but necessary, task of weeding out all our self deceptions to work on. Thanks to our guides for the help!

Kauilapele's Blog

james_gilliland_rmn_post_2Found this at Galactic Connection (via RMN). This update is straight and to the point. And, in the end, full of great news.

“Here we go again more false flags in a last ditch effort to maintain the corrupt status quo. The powers that were are imploding. The Boston bombing, a complete botched false flag now has part two. Sandy Hook was also a complete failure unless you are a neutered zombie robot consumer believing the lame stream press; which unfortunately is the case for a lot of people.

“We need to walk our talk when it comes to foreign countries as well. I was given a refrigerator magnet showing a GI kicking a door in saying lets talk about freedom. We cannot operate in foreign countries in complete contradiction to the ideals America was founded on. Not to mention honoring international law.

“The status quo has lost all…

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