Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. 6-18-13… “How to Identify a CIA Limited Hangout Operation”

Is this a case of play it again, Sam? I wonder. It sure looks that way, although, like KP, it did serve to bring me to a new understanding because I missed some of the previously offered info that the limited hangout repeated when it came out the first time. Thus, it served to help me awaken to new levels of dastardly going on by our would-be controllers. Too bad the cat’s out of the bag, the genie’s out of the bottle, and their desperate measures to prolong their hold on power are destined to fail. The day of reckoning approaches.

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webster_tarpley_how_identify_limited_hangoutThis is an article posted by Webster Tarpley on his own website on 6-18-13. It does not appear to be the same one posted at VT (see this prior post).

For myself, I feel it has been very helpful to learn about these “limited hangout” operations, so we are more easily able to discern for ourselves, “Who are the actual whistleblowers and who are the “limited hangout operatives”.

However, I must say that, for myself, again, that the Ed Snowden/Glenn Greenwald “revelations” were very helpful to my own personal awareness expansion about these things. So CIA-asset or not, Edward Snowden’s information was “news to me”!

“Some of the same incongruity which have made this scene [in Casablanca] so famous suffuse the limited hangout psy-op now being constructed around the dubious figure of the alleged NSA-CIA defector Ed Snowden. Mr. Snowden is presented as a reformed warmonger who…

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