Subtle Activism, Arch of Triumph and Mr. Cati

To have peace, you must be peace.

The Last Poets


mr-cat-post2A couple of important things have come into my awareness this week, and wanted to share before tomorrow:

1) I heard a fascinating interview on “Coast To Coast” with author David Nicol, whose new book is titled “Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation”. His interview explained so much about what I do on my “missions”

All the time I have been doing my travels/energy work to places around the globe, near and far, I never really understood what it was I was doing.

 Now I DO!

David calls it Subtle Activism and its what anyone does when they work on the energetic/dimensional/ consciousness planes of existence.

  • Doing a group meditation for peace? You are engaging in Subtle Activism.
  • Traveling to a scared site to clear it and to let go of old paradigms and ways of thinking in the world? Subtle Activism.
  • Creating a ceremony…

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