From the 9-21-16 Ian Greenhalgh VT article… “A few more highlights” (and “Who’s this Dr. Les Sachs person?”)

This resonates pretty strongly with me. Of all the big secrets that he and Assange were supposed to reveal, it didn’t seem to add up to much. Now we know why.

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les_sachs_at_eu_parliament_240_1Dr. Les Sachs

I read through this entire deal, and found a few more highlights which I present in this update. I am not including highlights from the individual parts in the headings “A B & C” (towards the end), but include the titles of those sections, in case you wish to read more.

Also, this is not a personal “passing of judgement” on Edward Snowden, or anything that has been released via his efforts. Whether his released information is “tainted because he is a CIA asset” or not, certainly much of it has “waked people up” to much of what has been going on behind their backs.

However, from other data I’ve recently (meaning, during the past 24 hours) looked into, I am convinced that both the “Assange/WikiLeaks” and the “Snowden/Greenwald/Guardian” affairs are CIA “limited hangouts“. More on that later.

As I now understand, it appears this…

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