Planetary Update and Call for a Mind Meld & Group Hug September 4th

(Wo)Man up, y’all! Let’s do this meditation tomorrow at noon Eastern!

Planetary Update and Call for a Mind Meld & Group Hug September 4th; Cobra


Collectively we’re screaming for disclosure, an end to the domination, chaos and continuing massive loss of life, but our efforts are fragmented, scattered and ineffective to a large degree.

Oh, we’re making progress, but it’s painfully slow, and many of us are beyond frustrated with the length of time it is taking to end the insanity. We desperately want to reveal the “closet angels” we are, but the masses are holding us back.

I think it’s more likely that WE are holding us back.

We’re told the reason the Illuminati/globalists/New World Order have been so successful thus far is that despite their differing opinions on strategies, timing, or any other part of the agenda, they are UNIFIED. They are effectively of one mind and they act accordingly.

While there are thousands of awakened individuals on the planet who realize the dire situation, our efforts require more unification.

We watch our brothers and sisters, including babies and innocent children suffer and expire from disease and lack of food and water. We kiss our loved ones goodbye when they leave us for the upper realms. We send our soldiers off to senseless wars—many never returning. We witness the devastation on our beautiful planet and the mass die-offs of entire species of animals, birds and mammals. This will continue as long as we allow it.

Haserot angel

How much do we want to end the misery—enough to join together once a week to set our minds toward a single vision for the freedom of our species and our sustaining mother? Can we at least work together that much?

If your answer is yes, then read on for the details on the global meditation scheduled for tomorrow.

I believe there are many striving day in and day out to bring about our escape from this prison, but perhaps we can individually contribute a little more; perhaps just enough to tip the scales and create a major breakthrough that will propel us toward the ultimate Event; the watershed moment when the last filaments of the sticky web of control dissolve, never to touch us again.

Cobra tells us only a small percentage of us take part in the weekly meditations. It may seem like we’re alone, but our star families and countless non-physical Beings know if we are ready to “do this” or not. Are we walking the talk? Are we done with the delays?

Cobra’s update from yesterday was again unique from anything he has posted prior, and it was interesting to say the least:

Friday, September 2, 2016
BIOCHIP primary trigger

To me, that is indication of forward momentum in “the plan”. Perhaps we can fire the booster rocket that will make a difference if we work together, jettison the fear and apathy, and do what needs to be done; to take matters into our own hands and show that we are capable and ready for our new, 5D Galactic Society. Effectively, Peace on Earth. It feels good just to say it.

Here is the meditation video for guidance if you want it, or do your own thing, but it’s best if we all share a single vision.

Here’s the link to Cobra’s Portal for written instructions and the World Clock to determine the time of the meditation in your zone. It’s been moved to 4 pm GMT, which is 9 am Pacific, noon EDT.

We’re all tired, and I would hate to see the battle lengthened unnecessarily due to attrition. We’ve already lost so many Lightworkers.

It’s time for another PUSH to birth our new world. I believe that with more focused intent, we can make a difference. Our intentions go a lot further now than they ever did before. Collectively, we’re very powerful, and we’re here because we were chosen to do this.

Disclosure now! and Victory of the Light! ~ BP


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