BRAVO! Philippines’ President Duterte Uproots Oligarchy and Church’s Common Power Base

Awesome, some pushback with teeth! Empty promises on attacks on terror and drugs make me tired. Here’s a man who’s actually leading his country rather than the bought-and -paid-for puppets holding many offices worldwide. The jig is up!


Duterte names Judges, Politicians, Friends, Police Officers involved in Drugs; 600,000 Drug Pushers Surrender

The Philippines is celebrating a huge percentage drop in crime incidence in the country due to the relentless drive against illegal drugs.

In spite of this popular and positive development, criticisms to the ongoing operations are so loud enough they have irritated the incumbent president.

In response, 7 sitting judges, 54 mayors and congressmen, and hundreds of police officers including police generals, were named by President Rodrigo Duterte just hours ago as having been involved in the proliferation of illegal drugs nationwide.

In relation thereto, the president didn’t bother to ask for their voluntary surrender. He already said that prior to formally assuming office. Recently instead, he ordered them to be shot on sight.

Some of those named were known to him personally, including the former mayor of Cebu City, a tourism hub in the Visayas…

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