Steve Beckow GAoG 8-5-16… “Higher Energies are Bringing the Storm Before the Calm”

You might find this helpful. I did.

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storm_before_the_calmThis article by Steve really summed up many of the “things” I (and many others I am aware of) have been feeling and sensing and going through (and all that stuff).

“The rising energies are causing some people to expand and others to lash out. Of the latter, [Matthew] said… “we anticipated the increase in those kinds of incidents. They are the natural result of your linear time crunching up and energy levels that have intensified all personal characteristics, including mental instability, and corresponding behavior…”

“The Arcturian Group tell us that many people who don’t know what’s happening are responding the only way they know how: with frustration, fear, and violence.

“While this is happening, several of our soul capabilities are coming back on line. Sue Lie’s Arcturians explain in more detail the mechanics by which the energies are bring about these changes.”


Higher Energies are Bringing the Storm…

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