Imagination soars again

What’s not to love? Creating, seen in this light, becomes more majestic and vital than l ever imagined!

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Imagination soars again

by Jon Rappoport

August 4, 2016

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In life and in art, so many people believe that, if they use imagination at all, it should be in a cautious way, a limited way, a way that doesn’t stretch the boundaries too far.

This is looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

One understands how elastic and malleable reality is, to the degree he exercises his imagination to move past conventional limits and out into the wild blue.

In fact, reality is imagination that has been slowed to a crawl, coalesced, bundled up, named, labeled, and slipped into a coma.

The most ponderous reading I’ve ever done is in the area of Western metaphysical philosophy—and that subject is filled to the brim with ideas that move, if at all, at a snail’s pace—and there is…

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