Ecosnippets 8-6-16… “Monsanto Losing Millions As Farmers In India Rebel & Plant Indigenous Cotton Seed”

Good! I never get tired hearing ’bout folks standing up to those a–holes.

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india_country_map_1As many countries increasingly seem to be willing now to stand up to Monsanto, and other biotech “giants”, freedom from bio-tyranny is being claimed. All in USA CORP land can feel relieved that many non-aligned (namely, non-aligned with THE CORP) lands are doing what needs to be done to dissolve these biotech-for-money corporations.

“Monsanto is losing millions on failed GM cotton. The company illegally pushed a form of Bt cotton into India and Africa more than a decade ago, but farmers are now pushing back by planting their own indigenous seed… The Indian government is now actively promoting the use of indigenous seed, and has called Monsanto out for profiteering illegally on Bt cotton seed.

“This could be the end of Monsanto, altogether, in India. Keshav Raj Kranthi, head of India’s Central Institute for Cotton Research said: “Just wait for the crucial three to four years to see a complete…

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Sandra Walter 8-18-16… “Preparing for the Third Wave and Timeline Shift”


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sandra_walter_2This message from Sandra is, in my view, a very significant and timely communication. We are in the “cusping” period for a rapid and accelerated energetic “ascension” (uprising). In my view we have a choice: release all former “Light worker paradigms” and flow freely with this ascension wave, or “hold on to dear life” with those old ways and go down with the wave.

I know which one I’ve chosen…

“Our third wave of 2016 will be very significant to our Ascension process. There is much light intel presenting for this particular Gateway, here are the details… Over the last few months the intel has been reminding us about the timeline possibility available in September. The strongest wave of Light in decades is about to enter our realm, and it brings pre-agreements set in place, by us, to make a choice between acceleration or a steady unfoldment.

“…it must be…

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Gordon Duff VT 8-13-16… “Breaking: Did the World End Yesterday and Nobody Noticed?”

Free energy is a key to unlocking our world. Love’s in there at the top though!

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veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_60This is quite “remarkable”, as apparently VT has several teams working on demonstrating the validity of Keshe Magrav technology. This also includes a brief overview of the “hazards” of being a “free energy” person, and the opposition which has been brought against this “freeing” technology.

Make no mistake, however, “It’s here, it may seem ‘queer’, so get over it!”

“The device you are seeing, done by one of five teams testing new Keshe technology to end all dependence on wind, solar and nuclear energy, oh yes, we mean oil and coal too, is, if we can believe our eyes, powering enough appliances to run an entire house.

“There is a massive effort out there to discredit Keshe technology as “fantasy” even though DARPA and Boeing are confirmed to be getting excellent results using Keshe MagRav units they hope will power naval vessels. Rumor has it that Boeing has a Keshe…

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Standing Up to Monsanto, 2/3… 8-12-16… “Monsanto Backs Out of Seed Plant in Argentina After Protests”

The planet will be a safer place for all life once Monsanto is driven into bankruptcy as truth of its nefarious activities continues to build.

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Natural_Blaze_logo_240_2[Kp note: pardon but I had the same introduction on this one as in part 1… now corrected.]

This is the second Natural Blaze article about Monsanto and Argentina people, and the success of those people in standing up to the big ag corporation (and planet poisoner).

“In yet another victory against the multinational corporation Monsanto in Argentina, the company has now announced that it will dismantle its multi-million dollar GMO seed plant in Malvinas. Monsanto made the decision to give up on its seed plant after three years worth of protests from local citizens and GMO-free campaigners from all over Argentina.

“The [Monsanto] spokesman was also forced to admit that the protests, local pressure, and resistance by environmentalists, anti-GMO activists and local residents was indeed part of the reason the company decided to dismantle the plant. In addition, a number of lawsuits have been filed against Monsanto over the…

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