Futurist Trendcast 7-28-16… “Last Hope for Ukraine: All-Ukrainian Orthodox March for Peace in Donbass Culminates in Kiev”

All we are saying…..IS GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

Kauilapele's Blog

lada_ray_photo_a_48When I first saw this one it felt very much like a key moment for Ukraine, for Europe, for Russia, and for the planet. Very significant, and Lada Ray has assembled these beautiful photos and videos of this event.

The power of Light in these marches of peace, also reminds me of the Aloha `Āina marches of last year (Kona; Honolulu (10,000 people in that one)).

“This is Ukraine’s top event for July 2016, overshadowing everything else that goes on. Two branches of the All-Ukrainian Russian Orthodox March for Peace in Donbass started on July 3, one in the east (Donbass), another in the west (Ternopol) of Ukraine. Both marched on foot to Kiev, where they converged and joined forces… The purpose of such event is multi-prong: to atone for personal and collective sins of humans; to ask for forgiveness and seek god’s and Divine Mother’s protection; to…

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