Steve Beckow, GAoG 7-26-16… “Archangel Michael: Flux is Necessary to Break Through to New Realm”

Great message:

Be strong, my brother and sister. Hold the center. Be the balance. Be the love. Do not sway. Anchor deeply in the Heart of Gaia (7) and be true.

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golden_age_of_gaia_banner15Here’s another one from Golden Age of Gaia, which I am posting because of the message it contains, and as it aligns with many of the things (namely, all the “CRAP”) several of us have been going through. What is below (especially the bolded parts) is precisely what I have “got” is happening not only with myself, but also with all of humanity. “Stuff” that needs to be cleared, is coming up BIG TIME in all of us, in order to be released, in order to be cleared.

“Much is transpiring – some of it, shall I say, not pretty – but it is important to understand that your world, your planet, the collective is in a state of flux. This flux is necessary in order to break through to a new realm.

“Humanity is in so many ways being bombarded upon – intruded upon in what they think is…

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