And now it comes… A 6-24-16 Jon Rappoport (and links to the 5,125,387 more articles) about BREXIT

Yay for Brexit, and thanks to Jon Rappoport for the nuances. And it’s just the first step towards freedom. Get ready for the backlash cuz it’s coming.

Kauilapele's Blog

BREXIT_plus_GB_map_1Holy crap! It’s like the whole planet has just exploded in BREXIT!! It’s all over the place. And emails from this person that person these people those people… So enough, already… it’s happened. And in my view, it’s BIG. It indicates a key block has been removed from the cabal-ic structure, and now things may dissolve (aka, “fall apart”, aka “crumble”) rapidly.

And anyone who is attaching themselves to “old paradigm things that no longer (or never did) serve humanity and the planet” will “Feel the Burn (or ‘Bern’)”…

So below I’ve placed the full text and highlights from a Jon Rappoport article which kind of rang true to me, and links to a few more. Note that a few of those articles are “doom and gloom” oriented, which means they are likely “from-the-cabal-view” oriented

“…Britain leaves the EU. Bang. Other European countries are ready to put the same referendum…

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