Standing Up for the Kingdom (and not for the illegal occupier) Pt 1 of 2… 6-15-16, “Graduating Kamehameha students refuse to stand for national anthem”

Yay for being yourself and standing up to make your voices heard!

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Kamehameha_Schools_commencement_2016Kamehameha Schools is like the school to go to if you are of Hawaiian descent. And this year, a number of courageous students “sat down” while the USA anthem was being played. And stood up when the Kingdom of Hawai’i anthem (Hawai’i Pono’i) was played.

In addition to what is written in the article, I felt it was very significant that the number of graduates at this year was 444.

“Last month, 444 seniors graduated in the 2016 Kamehameha Schools Kapalama class. And about 12 of them chose to remain seated during the “Star Spangled Banner” — only standing to join their classmates in song for “Hawai’i Pono’i.”

“”It’s really about kanaka maoli finding themselves and being comfortable with who they are and not being afraid to just be kanaka,” said Ka’ipu Baker, 18, one of the graduates who didn’t stand for the anthem.

“But Kamehameha…

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