Prepare for Change 6-14-16… “Message from James Gilliland: ’11th Dimensional Ship and How The Ultraterrestrials Work'”

James rocks as always.

Kauilapele's Blog

James_Gilliland_with_ECETI_logo_larger_1This goes along so perfectly with this recent Kp message. Since posting that one, a few of you have communicated that, yes, you’re going through similar things. James Gilliland gives us more information in this article.

Thanks to Kp (of Brazil) for the link, and BP and JP for this one.

“The Earth has been under the influence of the Archons, mainly Draconians for eons. Some call the present grid an Archonic or Draconian grid. It was not the original plan which was to be an Eden, heaven on Earth where the fauna, flora, animals, including the human civilization could evolve to its highest potential. Due to interference on many levels by several species the Earth was hijacked ending up in its present state.

“Why on Earth would anyone elect as leaders those with a long history of deception and other nefarious acts including murder? The false saintly images…

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