Truth Kings 5-20-16… “Citizens In Dallas Are REFUSING to Vaccinate Their Kids”

Forced vaccines? Don’t mess with Texas! These shall NEVER supercede personal freedom. Period.

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Don’t mess with Texas… especially their children!

“Denton County vaccine exemption rates have increased by 78%, according to The Immunization Partnership. That is nearly triple the state’s average. In neighboring Tarrant County, they’ve had more than 4,000 exemptions filed in the past year and a half.

[Pro-vaccine BS alert…] ““By empowering immunization stakeholders in Fort Worth and across the state to speak up, we can better understand what is contributing to these low vaccination rates and high exemption rates,” said Anna Dragsbaek, President of The Immunization Partnership. “And in turn, we can effectively advocate on behalf of positive policy change and education efforts here in Texas.” [so how about educating that high nutrition, high antioxidant diet can prevent diseases?]

“The “contribution,” as they so eloquently term it, is likely intelligent people realizing they have an option. This is a heavy hit for the vaccine industry.

“As this…

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